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So, a comedian, a radio anchor and a poet all walk into a bar…
Well, those people were me 8 years ago and the bar? Advertising obviously.

It all escalated so fast. First I landed on creative writing, which led to trilingual copywriting, then concepting and before I even knew it, I was the creative director handling massive regional accounts such as Samsung (Lebanon), Bank Sohar, Khimji Ramdas, Huwaei, Alargan (Oman),… Most clients got along with me and became dear friends instantly because I was blunt, very blunt, sarcastic, loudly opinionated but highly positive as well. I guess being a brand-adherent spirit does pay off eventually. Visiting the exotic markets of the gulf and learning from their enriching behaviors made me realize how specific and effervescent the Lebanese communication scene is. But it wasn’t until tackling the African beast that these insightful experiences were taken to a whole new level of learning about life itself and the gorgeous textile this part of the world bears. From branding malls to launching real estate complexes, introducing electronics and white goods, building strategies for banks and F&B clusters, if there’s one thing I learned, it’s probably that selling something only works if you believe it will. Cheesiness overload.